Monday, September 7, 2009

Live Chat Sunday 9/13 7 PM

Decision is I will open up a chat on Cover it Live. The same format as the College Baseball Blog used during their chats as well as I believe Rogers at Rivals.

Figure even if it just myself and BaseballBucks and our favorite Wolverine, it will still be nice to discuss baseball, especially after the pounding the football team will get from USC the previous night. A welcomed distraction if you will. Time is set for 7, that small break between the end of the 4 PM NFL games and the prime time game.

For those who want to participate I would love to have you. For those doing so, or even if not and just want to observe if you have a question that you're dying to ask, or have something you want addressed feel free to shoot me an email and I'll bring it up and responde. The Buckeye Nine does have its email address listed here, but my personal email is easier and faster since I wouldn't have to rely on Todd (Lamb not Bob) forwarding the messages to me.

I'll have some quotes from those in the know about college baseball Sorenson, DeCaussin, etc, some summer stories and insight, a few player reaction and thoughts, and whatever else.

Hope it is a good experience and if all goes well maybe it can become a regularity.


BaseballBucks33 said...

Cool i am glad we are doing this. It should be fun and yes i will need a OSU (pick me up) after a rough USC game.

4 of the last 6 said...

Chris ,.. I plan to be there and sent you an e-mail of things I'd like to discuss. But I forgot to ask ... how do I access the event? I went on their web site but didn't help much. not the site's fault; I'm technically challenged to say the least when it comes to this kinda stuff. Wife is good though, so any direction that you can provide w/b appreciated. Thanks!