Friday, May 13, 2011

Buckeyes Fall in Opener to Hawkeyes 7-0

Those who followe my twitter know, but I have had a bit of a family issue with my mother having a tumor and ultimately surgery on the 26 of the month, it's thrown a fell things in loop of late, work hours, financial priorities, actual desire to write, but I'm back for now.

As the weather finally feels a bit like spring, unfortunately the season is in its final stages, in little over two weeks from now the Big Ten will have its representative for the NCAA tournament and nine other schools will be looking at 2012. So as we are in these final weekends, the importance of the games magnify and unfortunately for the Bucks the heat and pressure kicks up a bit with tonight's 7-0 loss to Iowa (8-11, 19-27).

Friday, April 29, 2011

Michigan Series Preview

Before providing a preview on the Michigan Wolverines (13-25, 6-6), here are a few links from outside publications relating to the Ohio State baseball team.

Mark Znidar of The Columbus Dispatch has a story on Andrew Armstrong and his recovery from arm surgery as the pitcher operates well following surgery.

Jeff Svoboda of Buckeye Sports Bulletin provides a preview of the weekend and touches on catcher Greg Solomon's impact on the team in his first season.

The Lantern has.... nothing. There isn't an online story of Ohio State baseball nor Michigan weekend from the student newspaper of Ohio State

But Michigan's student newspaper, The Michigan Daily has a nice trio of articles, as Michigan, O'Neill sets to face Ohio State. They also have a lengthy feature on O'Neill with a story on community, identity, and baseball, and lastly they touch on the Big Ten with a midseason glimpse.

Now for more on the weekend with the Wolverines