Sunday, September 6, 2009

2010 Schedule continued

The 2010 Ohio State schedule is finalized. However those in charge do not want it released yet. Maybe a few changes might occur? Maybe mystery is sexy? Maybe we shied away from playing tough out of conference competition, that would do nothing but benefit the team in case Super Regionals become reality? Whatever the reason, the schedule is not available to the public, so I can't get a complete rundown.

But since baseball is a two team game, as opponents release their schedules if the Buckeyes are on it, I'll pass it along.

Previously we mentioned the Ball State-Ohio State midweek game. We also mentioned the Buckeyes 3/12-3/14 will be in Knoxville playing Tennessee, Connecticut, and Marshall.

Well we now find out Marshall makes a trip to Columbus. You know just in case we're embarassed by the 100+ RPI Thundering Herd once, we can be embarassed twice!

On April 28th, the Green and White invade Bill Davis thanks to CBS Channel 7 WTRF. You have to be impressed at the lengths and resources I pull to get you the latest news.

So there we have one more piece of the puzzle. Not particularly a pretty piece, but a piece. Bring on Buck-a-burger night.


Anonymous said...

Who do we not play in the conference this year?

Chris Webb said...


We get Indiana at home.

4 of the last 6 said...

Chris .. I am impressed. Keep up the great work. Wife and I were considering going to Florida for the Big East Challenge. Now you tell us of Knoxville! Weather, etc. permitting this becomes a definite trip on our schedule.

As for IU ... I know that they lost the 'Big 3' in the draft, but they also had some middle round, underclassmen drafted. Any word on them or the Minn. underclassmen similarly drafted?

BaseballBucks33 said...

4 of the last 6

IU lost-the big 3 plus

SS Jake Dunning SF Giants
OF Evan Crawford SF Giants
OF-Chris Hervey(graduation) Orioles
RHP-Joey O'Gara (draft eligible So.) Marlins

OF-Kip Schutz /Junior/ Orioles

Also read on the IU baseball blog that 3B Vince Gonzalez is going back to a Cali (JC) and Junior RHP Matt Carr is out (for next yr) having Tommy John surgey. Sophmore to be IF Cody Webber also left the team and is transfering to a JC.