Monday, August 4, 2008

B9 Welcomes New Correspondent

After I announced my new job as assistant commissioner of communications with the Southland Conference, I got an email from Chris Webb, a.k.a. to fans of The Buckeye Nine as Rockybuckeye, who suggested he would be interested in helping provide content to this Blog. He will be a "voulunteer correspondant" for The Buckeye Nine.

Chris grew up knowing Matt Angle and followed Ohio State baseball when the former Whitehall H.S. product began playing for the Buckeyes. He has followed the team for four years, supporting the team at home and on the road. A sport and leisure studies major with a minor in communications, Chris is a student employee at the OSU Ice Rink.

I know he has relationships with many of the players and I suspect he'll be bringing readers of The Buckeye Nine up to speed on their summer exploits, while hopefully providing valuable insight as the team approaches the start of fall ball in early September.

Chris was a huge help during the 2008 season and was one of the most habitual posters and was often one of the first to offer comment. He also encouraged significant discussion throughout the season and I suspect that will continue in the near future. I'm looking forward to great things for the site with his contribution.

Welcome Chris!

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Anonymous said...

Chris thanks for stepping forward to keep the B9 nine alive. We all appreciate it and look forward to your reports!