Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer League Buckeyes

As far as I can tell, 12 Buckeyes will be playing in summer leagues this summer. Almost as disappointing as the low number, is the fact none are playing in the Cape. The Cape is not the end all be all, but it does provide the players with a chance to go head-to-head against the best, and for a program that is quite far from being the best in anything, there is no reason a Drew Rucinski, or Brian DeLucia at the very least are not in the Cape. Especially considering Iowa has four players in the CCBL.

If anyone knows of any other players, feel free to add them or shoot me an email so I can keep track of them.


Fr. RHP Brett McKinney Coastal Asheboro

Jr. RHP Jared Strayer Coastal Asheboro

Jr. RHP Drew Rucinski Valley Luray

Jr. OF Brian DeLucia Valley Luray

Fr. OF Hunter Mayfield Florida Orlando

Soph. C (Transfer) Brad Hutton Florida Winter Park

Jr. RHP Dean Wolosiansky Prospect West Virginia

Jr. RHP Brian Bobinski GLSCL Cincinnati

Soph. OF David Corna GLSCL Hamilton

Jr. 1B Matt Streng GLSCL Delaware

Jr. LHP Theron Minium GLSCL Delaware

Fr. 2B Ryan Cypret GLSCL Stark County


Powerdog18 said...

I heard that Rucinski could have been at the Cape but Parker screwed it up.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Thank god Parker won't be back next season to screw any more of our pitchers up or ruin any more arms. I don't know much abou Mike Stafford but he has to be a lot better coach than Parker. Kinda suprised Burkhart has not signed with the Giants yet. It will happen soon i would imagine. Good luck to Dan at the next level as he was another in the long line of great OSU catchers.

Chris Webb said...

I wouldn't be quick to pinpoint a lot of blame on Parker. There were a lot of issues and to throw a blanket blame on one figure would not be fair.

Anyhow I missed over it earlier, but Brad Hallberg is in the Northwoods League this summer with the Wisconsin Rapid Rafters, and walk-on Paul Guey in the Kitty League? for Owensboro. Great for Brad. Here is Ohio State's release on the summer leagues which coincidentally came a day after I posted this.