Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oops..Try this again

I made an error in deleting the last post, I meant to delete a page.

What is a page?

As you notice above, there is a new link or page entitled Weekend Preview. I'll create more pages to have a grouping of posts all on the same page. Weekend Previews, Midweek Wraps, Q&A's, etc.

It'll hopefully allow for a cleaner easier way to browse. Also, commenting has opened to Google users, not just people with a Blogger name, I've been told that is more convenient.

Keep checking back as I try to get back into this blogging deal.

Meanwhile, Formerlyanon who blogs Michigan baseball for MGoBlog was kind enough to put aside his disdain for Ohio State and summarize the Buckeyes' hitters and where they stood after spring break.

In his statstical breakdown you can see which players are carrying their weight, who is not, and how the current order is propelling or hindering the Bucks. While the viewpoints are his and not mine, he did invest a lot of team to create arguments worth reading about in trying to understand the Buckeyes struggles at the plate.


BaseballBucks33 said...

The bottom of the lineup(Rupert,Engle,Streng,DeLucia) needs to pick it up,i saw too many bad swings yesterday vs. UT. I like Stephens in the 4-hole but he has to get the job done and cut down on the K's. I would rather see Dew in RF. Why not put Brian DeLucia at 3rd with Streng at 1st. Not sold on Halberg yet but maybe the kid will show me something. DH is his best postion though cause his defense at 3rd is average at best so far.

This is what i would like to see.....

Kovanda 2b
Halberg dh
Stephens cf
Burkhart c
Hurley lf
Dew rf
DeLucia 3b
Streng 1b
Engle ss

We better sweep the wildcats weekend. Go Bucks!!

formerlyanonymous said...

I forgive Buckeye fans who don't understand statistics. It involves math and relationships between numbers and such. You don't get to that stuff in Columbus until at least your doctorate thesis.

Is it Michigan/Ohio State week yet?

BaseballBucks33 said...

Nice short story in the Dayton paper about Zack Hurley dream to get drafted by the Reds, his hometown team.