Sunday, February 14, 2010

We've arrived... the first week of the season

The season is here. Opening Day is five days way and its time to get serious about the 2010 season. Being previewing the season which will start tomorrow, I wanted to give extra notice on Ohio State having their media day this upcoming Tuesday.

With a chance to talk to the players and coaches on the staff, is there any thoughts, questions, subjects that those out there would like insight/answers to?

Obviously I believe concerns/questions that are at the forefront are:

Health of pitchers; where are Armstrong and Best at?

Pitching rotation/options; Rucinski will be used how? Who replaces Hale if not Rucinski? Best? Midweek guys, Oltorik, McKinney?

Schedule; though the schedule is in line with most years, does Coach Todd fear his team will be untested come Regionals?

Expectations; the spotlight is on Columbus, how is that being used entering the season?

Position changes; DeLucia to the outfield and Dew to first base. Does DeLucia bring more range/stronger arm? (I'd say yes btw)

Are there others out there?

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4 of the last 6 said...

easily the most anticipated season for NATIONAL implications in some time. You hit all of the points in your article that I'd like to see covered; but I'd like more on the Dew to 1b situation. Always thought he was better than average defensively. Is putting a converted infielder there an upgrade? With Dew at 1b is Brian's bat the equal of replacing Streng's? ... unless Streng is to DH or play 3b.