Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick hits from Media Day

I decided to hold off on the highly anticipated 2010 preview until the media were allowed to ask Coach Todd and the players questions to provide the most accurate info. It will come tomorrow. I promise.

Just a few quick hits from media day....

*Coach Todd has said Drew Rucinski will be the closer for the "first couple of weeks.

*Eric Best looks to get a few innings next weekend and slowly return to the staff.

*Andrew Armstrong is still a ways away from returning.

*The Buckeyes Sunday starter is still in the air.

*Ross Oltorik who had been in line for the #3 starter after an outstanding preseason has a lingering shoulder injury, holding him back there.

*A LOT of day to day lineup changes will occur to give the Bucks the best possible line-up against L/R pitchers. Todd said players like Dew and DeLucia will have days off and players like Streng, Griffin, Rupert, Hallberg will all get their share of playing time in the outfield and corner infielding spots.

*Wolosiansky is ready to go after a bit of letdown towards the end of the season. The junior with 18 wins did admit the strain of throwing a lot of midweek games effects his performance.

*Wimmers has worked on his stamina to go later in games. Coach Todd eluded starters will probably go deeper into games these first weekends.

*Freshman Brett McKinney has been very impressive.

*Michael Stephens and Zach Hurley know what is expected of the Bucks and both stated the team worked as hard as possible and are excited.

*Drew Rucinski said he will do what is best for the team and can suceed in any role.

A lot more to come from media day, just some of those notes stood out for me. Really wish I could have spoke to Rupert, Griffin, Hallberg, Kovanda and a host more, but didn't get to make my rounds to everyone. Just means more to come later in the season.

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BaseballBucks33 said...

Nice work today Chris,i don't know what we would do with out you man. You run the only 2 great college baseball sites that you can get info on the Buckeyes and other Ohio college teams.
Thanks for all you do for college baseball man.

Well hopefully Ross Oltorik will be ok later in the year and have a good season. We really need him to step up and pitch like he did toward the end of last spring. These arm problems around this program these last 5 yrs make me sick to my stomach. Something has to change in a hurry to PREVENT these arm problems down the line. What a shame it is that year after year we have the same injury problems with our pitchers.
Hopefully Eric Best will be ready to roll in a couple of weeks from now and be in top notch shape for the Big Ten season. In my eyes he would be the Sunday starter. The lineup will always be differant the 1st couple of weekends in Florida till Coach Todd finds the 9 guys he likes. He has been pretty good in yrs past to find those 9 by the start of the Big Ten season. This year will be no differant. I think Drew R would be a great closer and had a great season last year and saved the team more times than i can or want to remember. Lol! I also like what i have heard/seen from McKinney and hopefully he steps up early in the season with some other guys out hurt. I also would love to see Chris Griffin get some meaingfull playing time as a (5th year) Sr. The kid always plays hard and has been a great player in this program for a while now. So i hope Chris has a great season as a Buckeye in his final year.

Go Bucks can't wait for the season to start!!