Thursday, February 18, 2010

The eve is the end... for now.

Michael Jordan, Urban Meyer, Chris Webb.

Legendary figures of course.

But no, this is serious.

Whether it was Jordan pursuing minor league baseball or Urban battling with health issues each stepped out while at their highest. For Jordan the return to basketball took a year and a half, for Urban he retracted his statement the next day. In both cases the passion and effort needed to continue just wasn't there.

My time has come as well.

It really does tear me to pieces, especially on the eve of such an important season to the baseball program that I step away from the site for a bit. I have poured nearly everything I have into following, rooting, and cheering for Ohio State baseball that I have heavily sagged in other aspects of life.

I've skipped class to be the only Ohio State student rooting on the Bucks in frigid Oldsmobile Park in East Lansing, I've worn face paint to Big Ten Tournament games in Ann Arbor, I've shared absolutely thrilling moments with personal friends, I've suffered the heartache as well, and I have established enjoyable and cherished relationships on the field, in the stands, and in the media world.

It really has been a great ride, finally a Big Ten championship was won, but for now its over.

As you may remember in November my grandfather passed away. It was and still is a hard thing to deal with. In fact my writings were something he was very proud of, and as someone who attended Illinois he would ask me about the Illini. When the time came I realized how much time I spend on personal projects and perhaps letting some of life's finer moments pass by.

Though I am now older than all of Ohio State's baseball team, I still am just 23, a college student, and someone who works two jobs to have the gas money to run around the Big Ten. As much fun as it is to do this, I really haven't considered what I ultimately want to do. Though 23 isn't old, it isn't exactly young and out of fairness to myself and family I need to really focus on what and who I want to become and take the appropriate actions.

I thought I could juggle everything but truthfully I cannot and it pains me to admit that. I have so many ideas and storylines I would love to write about, but I end up putting more and more things off and out of fairness to the players, the program, parents, and readers that is not fair.

So on the eve of the season I feel terrible to say it is for the best to not start than quit halfway in or do a half-hearted job.

Will this be the complete end? I can't say for sure, I'm looking into ways to possible work out a better job schedule, that always more flexibility but still provides me with what I need to do to take care of personal responsibilities at home.

I sincerely apologize and thank everyone for everything over the last year and half.

It is not the complete end of me, I will still have Buckeye State Baseball which I have aid in running, just the truly in-depth Ohio State coverage will not be like it would here.

I owe an extremely big thank you to Todd Lamb for allowing me this opportunity. I've created numerous ties withing the baseball world, and I feel I've provided you all with a true passionate and unrivaled coverage, that withouth him would not be possible.

If anyone ever wants to drop a line or chat, feel free to reach me at

Again I thank everyone and sincerely am sorry for letting a faithful following down as I have. I just need to allow myself more me time right now. I hope everyone understands.


Jennifer said...

I have read this blog a lot. It will be missed. I totally understand though. Thanks for all the info over the years!

4 of the last 6 said...

Thanks for everything, Chris ... and good luck

Teresa said...

Much success to you. I've read your blog often, and have enjoyed it (being a baseball fan). You did a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...
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