Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Buckeye Nine in 2010

I have not forgotten the Buckeye Nine.

Ohio State is on winter break until Monday, and for once I tried to have as light of a workload as possible in resembling some sort of break. Some of you may or may not know, but I've created a site Buckeye State Baseball to cover all of Ohio collegiate baseball, and that is where my baseball attention has been in building that site up a bit. Some Buckeye news has come way over the last few weeks which you can find over ther.

With spring practice beginning in one month it is time to turn the attention back to Buckeye baseball and get ready for the season.

With that there will be a few changes, changes that I hope are for the better.

To help me and perhaps you as well a more effective posting pattern will occur. No longer will releases simply be copied and pasted, but three times a day, at 10AM, 4PM, and 10PM will I post to the site. With the posts will be a summarization of releases and thoughts wrapped into one. It saves you the time of reading multiple and long releases, and it provides an easier way of spreading news.

It might hinder the breaking news, and finding news here first, but it should provide more informative information in being able to gather thoughts and add more opinionated content this year.

Once the season comes around I'll have a few daily fixtures of original content posted during the noon readings. More info will come on that once the final ideas are narrowed.

So beginning Monday we'll be back at full force and ready to go.

We wish all a safe and wonderful 2010, a year with a trip to Omaha hopefully on hand.

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