Sunday, May 31, 2009

So I lied...Some final 2009 thoughts

2009 a special season

So I lied and before I hide away for a bit I'll give some random thoughts. In a weird position right now, I probably enjoy Ohio State baseball more than any other sports team out there. I know quite a few of the players as friends, they represent my school, and baseball is a game I love. Its really easy, reallllly realllly easy right now to be down but that would not be fair to these guys.

We are the 2009 Big Ten Champions
We bowed out on a bad note on the national stage, but we did something that has not been done since 2001, and it was a huge goal I felt the program needed to reach to say "hey we're still a solid program here". We went through the Big Ten winning 3 of every 4 games we played, lost only 1 series and swept 3 others. Let's not forget where we were sitting after the Friday night Illinois game. We thought all hope was lost. Not so fast, the team finished with 5 straight wins, the last 2 against Iowa were come from behind wins that showed the teams heart. The size of the teams heart will now be able to be shown on there fingers when the rings come.

The Michigan dominance is over & Wimmers no-hitter
I've been in college since winter 2005, during that time, until this season Michigan had gone 12-1 in the regular season against us. Nothing, and I mean nothing is worse than having Michigan own you, especially in baseball. Not only did Michigan turn the Big Ten crown over to use, they were humiliated on our turf on national television at the mercy of Alex Wimmers who no-hit them. Its one thing to lose a tough game, its another to get blown out, its another to not be able to manage one single hit and thoroughly be dominated, by your rival. Thank you Wimmers, Michigan sucks. The Wimmers no-no is a story and great moment in itself.

The team became a team
After years of having teams with superior talent fall short, this team finally got it. There was joy and fun in playing the game. Bill Davis Stadium would no longer be confused for Union Cementary. The chemistry and joy each player had in being a part of the team was exhibited and carried them to heights, this team's talent level, probably didn't command. When a pitcher struggled the bats came through. When a joke needed to be made it was done. When a spark needed provided a fire was lit. This team was one of the more enjoyable teams to watch in a Buckeye uniform.

There are plenty more storylines to touch on, Ryan Dew proving to make me look like a genius and having an incredible season. Jake Hale becoming the best closer in the nation. Michael Stephens coming from Victorville, CA and diving into being a Buckeye. Michael Arp after years of hardwork, patience, and dedication having a solid season. Arp and Kovanda having season's to make their late mothers very proud of their sons. There's a lot and hopefully I'll touch on more, just it was too good of a season to end like this.


4 of the last 6 said...

Well put Chris. A couple of my thoughts on this / next year.

As for the Regional; 3 teams were eliminated and the Bucks can proudly say that they knocked out two of them. Given the expectations; Georgia should be considered the most embarrased team in the Regional...not to mention (but I will) their embarassing antics.

What a power turnaround from prior years!!!

Good year for the Bucks to have the Big 10 go to 3 game series. Obviously pitching depth is concern numero uno for next year. Best s/b in a different role and need marked improvement from AA and Ross. I'm figuring Minium and Shinn are gone

I know I've asked before; but do you really believe that Dew will be back?

I will miss Gus but I think Brian and / or Rupe will be decent at third. Brian's injury a blessing in disguise as it gave Streng a solid year's experience.

Any word on who is playing where in the Summer? I had hoped that some would join Mannino in Chillicothe, but apparently not

4 of the last 6 said...

The Buckeye Scout link. Scroll down it and you'll see some commitments to various schools. I plan to track periodically for new Bucks

The Baseball Zealot said...

Congrats to OSU for a great season. It was a great weekend in May when OSU came to Illinois despite you guys beating us 2 out of 3. The fans really came out to see some good baseball and they saw some great games.

Especially Friday ;-)

BuckeyePride said...

Chris... thanks so much for your summation. If you would have asked anybody at the start of the season if they would have taken 42 wins, a B10 Championship and a loss in the regional finals I think all would have jumped on it. You nailed it on the reason for their success ... they we a team. They were not the most talented or deepest team ever at OSU but they are B10 Champs! Gus, Hale and Michael Arp were the soul and the difference makers. This title was about guys like Arp who came to the park every day, worked hard and played the game the right way. The last game was only one game but the 61 in total made a wonderful season. Congratulations boys.