Sunday, May 31, 2009

Florida State ends Ohio State's season on humiliating note 37-6

The Florida State Seminoles advances to the 2009 NCAA Super Regionals, ending Ohio State's season by winning 37-6. The 37 runs is the most ever allowed in Ohio State history, and clearly an embarassment to every associated with Ohio State baseball in every possible way.

The Buckeyes season will end the year at 42-19 with a Big Ten Championship and NCAA Regional berth.

Sadly seniors Jake Hale, Michael Arp, and Justin Miller saw their careers as Buckeyes come to an end.

There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. Now is not the time to do so. Thank you to Arp, Hale, and Miller for all they have done and contributed to the Buckeye baseball program. The season did start to right the ship and there are a few things to build upon. There are also a lot that needs corrected.

I will probably skip the recap and everything else associated with this weekend. If for whatever reason you have the urge to relive it, leave a comment, I'll provide links but that'll be the extent.

At Ohio State it is week 10 and finally the last week of the quarter, I have quite a bit of work to do, I've been a bit lax this quarter with basebal, and next week we have finals.

If any All-American honors or pressing news comes through I will post. I will eventually do a season recap or story, but that will take time.

The next major event is June 9th, the 2009 MLB draft and news will be surely added then. Good luck to those draft eligible.

Thanks again to all Buckeyes for their efforts this season and congrats on your 2009 Big Ten Championship.

*On a non-Ohio State note, I am working on and trying to establish a new site for Ohio baseball, covering everything from summer leagues, to the minors, MLB, and obviously collegiate. I'll let you know how that will turn out. I don't think this season will be the end for me and the Buckeye Nine, I cannot make any promises however with hopefully my graduation being this time next year. Thank you to all who come to the site, your comments, attention, and feedback are very much appreciated.

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