Sunday, April 19, 2009

Midway Point: Bucks in 1st

After 4 weekends of Big Ten play, the Buckeyes sit atop of the Big Ten standings at 9-3. Not the best of quality but I even provided a picture to prove it and make sure its true and not some fantasy land. You can click the picture if you actually want to see the numbers and how every team is doing, I'm satisfied with seeing Ohio State at the top. Its been a long time coming to say the least.

Now before anyone jumps the gun and starting running around the Midwest thumping their chest, we are just 1 game from falling down to 4th, and there are still 4 more series to go. But after back-to-back .500 seasons in the Big Ten, let us relish the moment. Lets always be happy that the Bucks are at home for 3 of the next 4 weekends, after being on the road for 30 of their first 37 games. Yeah this isn't Ohio State football, kudos to our guys for being road warriors.

I'm turning it over to you guys to provide the bulk of the material in this post. With the one half of the Big Ten season played, what comes to mind when looking back? Who has been the teams MVP in your mind? (Poll to the right) Who has been a surprise? What is being done differently in your mind this year? What do you expect over the last 18 games?

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edavis73 said...

Great job this weekend Bucks! It appears that we are well situated at this point in the season: 3 of the next 4 series at home...2 of them against the bottom 2 teams.

Which leads me to this comment by Michael Fitt in the April 14 article in Baseball America:

"Ohio State ranks 22nd in the RPI, but hasn't won a series against any team in regional contention, and we're betting the Buckeyes fall back to the Big Ten pack in the second half."

I just don't get it - no respect from BA again this year! Can anyone explain this to me?