Sunday, April 19, 2009

Following the Buckeye Nine and of course Ohio State Baseball

A few other Buckeye Nine products out there besides the blog here.

I've joined the rest of America and am on Twitter.

The concept is simple, you just post updates for the world, or "followers" to see.

I randomly have a thought about Alex Wimmers pitch sequence against lefties, I can post it on Twitter. Come across injury news/updates, Twitter. You're unable to attend a game and live stats aren't working for the 120th time, check Twitter for inning if not at-bat by at-bat summaries.

The Buckeye Nine's Twitter Page

Also if you have Facebook, make sure you're a "Fan" of the Buckeye Nine.

The feed on the Facebook Fan page refreshes every 30 minutes, and if there is important news, or the situation calls for it, The Buckeye Nine can send an update to everyone's inbox who is a fan.

The Buckeye Nine on Facebook

And on the lighter side, Coach Bob Todd's on the field excellence is well noted, and their is a Facebook group, the "Bob Todd Fan Club" where you can join the millions, or dozens of Coach Todd and the Buckeyes backers.

While on Facebook check out the good guys at The College Baseball Blog and their page.

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You can also set up twitter feeds, basically an RSS feed for twitter. We do something similar with VarsityBlue:

If you're interested: