Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scarlet & Gray Series This Week

The Ohio State baseball team will conclude five weeks of practices by hosting its annual fall classic, the Scarlet and Gray World Series, beginning at 3 p.m. Monday at Bill Davis Stadium. The three-game intra-squad series will be contested on the following days and times:

Game 1: Monday, Oct. 13 – 3 p.m. at Bill Davis Stadium
Game 2: Tuesday, Oct. 14 – 3 p.m. at Bill Davis Stadium
Game 3: Wednesday, Oct. 15 – 6:30 p.m. at Bill Davis Stadium

“This is always a fun time of the year for the players and the coaching staff,” 22nd-year Ohio State head coach Bob Todd said. “The Scarlet and Gray World Series is an intense series of games that allows the coaches to evaluate how the guys physically perform on the playing field as well as assess how they are handling things mentally.”

The two teams will be coached by Eric Parker (Scarlet) and Pete Jenkins (Gray). Parker is the defending “winning coach” for the fall classic.

There is no charge for parking at Bill Davis Stadium or to enter the stadium to watch the games. The Buckeye Diamond Club, an organization comprised of Ohio State Buckeye baseball fans, parents and former players who support the well-being of the student athletes in all phases of their careers at the Ohio State University, will hold a BBQ picnic starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday. The picnic is free to the public but donations will be accepted.

Expected pitching match-ups for the series are (2008 stats):

Game 1: Scarlet Jr. LHP Josh Edgin (32.0 IP) vs. Gray So. RHP Dean Wolosiansky (7-4; 4.22 ERA)
Game 2: Gray Jr. LHP Eric Best (35.2 IP; 8 Saves) vs. Scarlet So. RHP Alex Wimmers (40.0 IP; 51 SO)
Game 3: Scarlet So. LHP Andrew Armstrong (4-3; 4.42 ERA) vs. Gray So. Drew Rucincki (29.1 IP)


4 of the last 6 said...

I realize its very early ... and that 6-8 at bats cannot tell you a whole lot about a player; but both Stevens and Hallberg look very comfortable at the plate (not to mention, but I will, some decent results!). Either, or both, could fit in nicely at the oufield / DH slots left by JB and Meade.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Any one know anything about Zack Hurley injury? He did not play all week and had a great summer with the Cinny Steam in the (GLSL) hitting .433, 30 rbi and 3 long flys. Really hope Hurley is ready to go for '09. I think he is going to have a great season for the Bucks.

A great week to watch some Buckeyes baseball and some awesome weather too. Too bad we can't save it for next April. Lol! The Stephens kid is going to have a big impact next spring, was hitting the ball hard all week. Bob Todd will find a spot for him in the lineup if he keeps working hard and hitting like he did this week.

It is cool to watch some of the other guys get to play like Griffin, Streng,Toussant and McManus. I really like the way Streng (plays) SS and TJ has some power and Griffin can be a good late inning pinch runner or defensive sub.

Fun week and can't wait till next Feb.

4 of the last 6 said...

I saw Zack Hurley with a big ice pack on his shoulder Wednesday; thought he was a pitcher at first. A guy in the stands says that he underwent shoulder surgery.

Agree with you on Stevens ... he looks like he is already 'up to speed' for D1 baseball. I've often thought the same on Streng. When he does (rarely) play he's productive. Maybe he'll get some meaningful middle infield playing time this season. Both Engle and Korvanda seem to be a bit tired at various times last season. I'd like to see Streng / Toussant at least play regularly in the mid - wek games

BaseballBucks33 said...

Yes, i always have been a fan of Matt Streng. The kid plays the game hard and is a good hitter. Hopefully he gets some good PT next spring. Really think Streng can play well for the Bucks in the furture. Matt was a great player at Upper Arlington HS. I agree about playing Toussant and Streng more during the mid week games. Why not rest the regulars during the week. Also need to rest Burkhart more during the non-Big ten games. Catching is a tough postion to play all year.

Yes, i think Stephens can replace Meade in the lineup. I like the way he attacks the ball and also has some speed too.

Really would like to see the Bucks steal more bases, with Shuck and TK leaving that was 35 SB's from last yr. gone. OSU only had 61 stolen bases in '08. We don't have any HR threats and need to play smart baseball on the base's.

Guillermo said...

Anybody have an idea when we might see the Bucks 2009 schedule? I noticed that tsun's schedule has been on their website for over a month now. If our schedule is like their's then we will be playing two mid-week games (TUE & WED) and three on the weekend. I'm wondering if those mid-week games will now be 7 inning games or 9 innings. If they are 9 inning games that effectively adds 4 innings per week to the playing time. How many pitchers will we need to play that many? The reason I ask is because we will have a much smaller pitching staff in '09 than we have had in past years.

BaseballBucks33 said...

As far as i heard last week our schedule will be the same as Michigan's. Non- conference games on Tuesday and Wednesday and Big Ten games on the weekend. I did find out our 1st home game wil be vs. Marshall on April 1st at 2pm. I don't know when we will see the full schedule. The rumor i heard during the fall (World Series) is we still have open mid week games we need to fill.

I don't think our pitching staff will be much smaller, but every year their are changes on the OSU staff. Hopefully Coach Todd and Parker can find a rotation and stay with it all year.

Guillermo said...

bballbucks33......I have heard we are down to 12 pitchers now. Do not want to confirm because it is not public yet. We have carried approx. 17 in the past. I see tsun's 2009 roster has 16-17 on it. Twelve on the staff doesn't seem like much margin for error if we are playing five 9 inning games/week. That is why I was wondering about how many innings the mid-week games will be.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Yes, i don't know how many innings the mid week games will be. It is weird not to have any Freshman pitchers after losing Rory,JB and Dan. The kid playing football, Ross Oltorik wanted to play baseball but i doubt he will play for this team since he was not playing this fall. I have not heard anything about him playing baseball in '09.It would be hard i would imagine. He pitched for (Cincy) Moeller in HS and was pretty good on the mound.

Guillermo said...

33....I'm counting Ross O. in the 12. He was at fall ball for a day or two but I do not think he practiced because of football. I am still under the impression he is going to start practicing with the team after OSU FB is finished in January. As info, he is on a baseball scholarship so hopefully he does play, otherwise BT wasted a "counter" spot.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Cool,i did not know that.I though the scolly was for football. I was hopping at some point he could help the team this year. I have a friend who lives in Cincy and says he should have a good career for the baseball Buckeyes. I know he was a heck of a QB at moeller.

KnuckleChuck said...

OSU generally only uses 8 to 10 pitchers for most of the season anyway. True that doesn't leave a large margin of error, but some of those only got 6 - 12 innings over the season. Could probably use 8 or 9 the majority of the season and be alright.