Sunday, June 22, 2008

Underdogs to Wonderdogs!

The field for the championship series of the 2008 College World Series is set. Georgia earned a spot Saturday and tonight Fresno State upset North Carolina to set up an all-Bulldog series that begins Monday.

After Rice lost Tuesday, I was pulling for the Tar Heels though as the week went along it was hard not to pull for Fresno State. They remind me of the Southwest Missouri State team that ended Ohio State's season in 2003 at the Columbus Super Regional. They are scrappy and play with a lot of heart. Of course, this team is playing for a national championship. SMS did not.

They now have a tough task of taking on Georgia, which won the other bracket. Fresno State, though a No. 4 regional seed, seems up to that task, and I, for one, will be pulling for them.


rockybuckeye said...

Gordon Beckham.

Enough said.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Yeah i love watching Beckham play. Why the reds passed on him is beyond me too. That was a unreal stupid move by the Reds. I am so impresed how Frenso State has hung around with no pitching at all. All heart in this CWS from their staff.

Todd Lamb said...

Hey Rocky, shoot me an email with an alternate email address for you. A reader is interested in getting one of your photos from the 2007 Big Ten Tournament. Thanks.

rockybuckeye said...

Watching the Fresno-UGA game.

How can anyone not love college baseball?!?!? Fresno up 6-5 now after being down 0-5. I got goosebumps after Mendoza hit the 3-run HR.

Just 1 year I want to be in Omaha during this time of the year.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Yeah,it is sweet isn't it.

I did some research and found Dan Burkhart playing for Mankato,MN in the Northwoods league.He is 4-12 so far at the plate. Eric Best is in the Alaska league with the Anchorage Pilots. Best has pitched in 5 IP, 2 BB,6 K and 3 saves.

Too bad Todd is not stil at OSU. I would not have to do all this research cause he would have a list on the baseball web site. LOL

Go Bucks!!

rockybuckeye said...

I've looked and looked, and nothing on Jake.

Dew, Rupert, Kovanda, Meade, Hurley in the GLSCL.
Miller in the Cape.
Best in the Alaskan.
Burkhart in the Northwoods.

Wolo, Arp, Armstrong, DeLucia?

You've gotta be surprised at how Dew, Meade, and Rupert are struggling. We're counting on them a lot.

Guillermo said...

I think Wolo, Armstrong, Wimmers are playing in the Valley League. Last I heard Jake is not playing anywhere but that was a week ago and he could be on a team somewhere by now.