Sunday, June 22, 2008

Buckeyes Make Pro Debuts

Dan DeLucia came out of the bullpen Saturday night to make his debut with Oneonta. Dan pitched two scoreless innings, allowing one hit and two walks. One of his outs was getting J.B. Shuck to ground into a fielder's choice. Shuck's Tri-City Vally Cats won 10-0 while recording the first no-hitter in franchise history.

Thanks to RockyBuckeye for the update, who added... "Ha, teammates two weeks ago, facing off in their first weeks playing pro ball."

J.B. ended the game 2-for-5 with a double and a triple. Shuck was 0-for-4 in a 4-2 loss to Lowell in his debut Tuesday night.

Follow the two former Buckeyes in their first pro seasons:
Tri-City Vally Cats
Oneonta Tigers


rockybuckeye said...

Unrelated but related to Buckeyes playing this summer...

Have found where Gus is playing in the Cape with the Falmouth Commodoers. In 5 games he is 5-for-15.

Glad to see him on a roster and playing well.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Way to go Gus! I knew he could play in the Cape if he got a chance. Happy as heck to have him back for the Bucks in '09.

I wounder what Hale is doing.Have not seen him on any summer roster's at all. Watched Hurley and his Cincy Steam play vs.the Settlers last week.Zack had 2 hits and some nice OF play. I am so thrilled to have Zack in our OF next yr. He is going to be the next great Buckeye CF.

Great to see former Buckeyes like Doug Deeds,Scott Lewis,Josh Newman and Eric Fryer have good season's so far. Fryer is hitting .300 and playing great LF. Good luck Eric!

Lewis is 3-0 with Akron and has only 1 BB in 16 IP.Deeds is hitting .300 with the Tenn (AA)(Cubs) team with 6 HR. Newman has been in Colorado twice with mixed results. He was hit hard the 1st time up and the last time he walked a lot of hitters. Shuck is 1-4 tonight (game in the 7th inning) vs. Vermont (Vermont.winning 8-3).

Matt Angle is hitting .250 with Delmarva with 18 SB.

Cory Luebke has been struggling a little bit this yr. He has been giving up a lot of hits to IP. Cory does have 60 K in 70 Ip with only 22 BB.

Geez Whiz Rocky,your boy (Beckham) just unloaded on a long HR in the CWS game tonight.Frenso still up 6-5 in the 8th.Closer Josh Fields warming in the pen for Georgia. If they can take the lead it is over with Fields on the hill in the 9th. What a stud on the hill.

Go Bucks!

rockybuckeye said...

No idea what Jake is doing.

I was thinking about catching a Settlers game. I'll try to make it when the Cows are in town. Have you seen how DeLucia is doing?

Fields pitched against us in 05. Bet not many people know that.

We had a 3 game stretch of UGA-UNC-Arizona State.

Beckham is my boy. I swear I will never forgive the Reds for passing him up. Especially when I've had to watched Paul freakin Janish play.

And hey it shows I do know what I'm talking about every now and then... Gordon Beckham, the 2-rbi double in the PSU-Indiana game. Ha, I think we both will never forget the walk-off Grand Slam.

Fryer has been on a tear its unreal. He got a late start with being in extended, but he worked his butt off, and his .309 average, .500 slg % would be in the top 15 if he had enough AB'. How about him having 3 triples and 6-for-6 in SB. Great to see him, after he struggle some in Rookie ball.

I've listened to a few of Luebke's games. His stuff is there, thats obvious with his K's he is just being hit around I think 97 hits in 70ish IP. He is in A+ going against games 2-3 years older, so he is at a disadvantage there, but everything I read he isn't doing bad, just the small mistakes are costly the higher you advance. I'm confident he'll get his secondary pitches together and take off in the 2nd half of the season.

Saw Mattie play in Eastlake against the Lake County Captains 2 weeks ago, he is actually there tonight through Wednesday so I'll probably head up. Matt will be fine too. When I spoke to him he said he wasn't doing bad, just one of those situations where everything he hits was right at someone. Now the higher you move up, the more advanced the scouting reports are I assume, and his tendencies are known, not nearly as many bunt singles for him, but he'll put his head down, dig in and get through it. He hasn't made an error in CF all year, hope I don't jink him, and 18/25 in SB's is solid. I think whats most concerning with him, and in the O's organization is his BB/K ratio. For any other hitter its fine, near great, but fora player like Matt who has to be OBP .400+ to really stick with his lack of power, he does have a higher than desire K rate, and OBP isn't ideal. Like Cory I'm sure he'll pick it up. He has started to with hits in 10 of his last 11. 13-for-39, .333.

rockybuckeye said...

Danny 2
JB 0

In a re-match of last weeks game, the two squared off again. Dan once again had the upper-hand as he struck out JB, to get the final out of the 2 innings he pitched.

JB with 2-for-6 with 2 RBI
Dan pitched 2 innings, K'd 2, 0 runs.

Fryer continues to rake. Up to .315 now.

Angle at .261 is slowly getting back to whats expected. He did hit a HR. His 2nd of the season, which is 2 more than he hit in 3 years in Columbus.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Been great to see JB and Dan have some success early in their pro ball career's. Shuck has 2 more hits tonight. Crazy to think JB will not pitch at the next level. He was so great on the hill for the Bucks in his 3 yrs.

rb, What is the deadline for Putnam to sign with Cleveland. I mean if he does not sign,when does he have to return to UM. Just always wanted to know how that works.

Pitchers Wimmers,Armstrong and Rucinski are in the Valley league in Virgina. They all are on the same team Luray. Alex has 18 K in 13 IP.

I don't know how good this summer league is, but all 3 of these guys are VERY important to our 2009 Ohio St. team. Good to see Alex do well. Armstrong and Drew are doing ok, but not great yet (stat wise).Justin Miller played in this league last summer, i think.

rockybuckeye said...

The Indians, and all teams have until August 15th to sign their drafted players to a contract. If not done by then, they lose the rights to that player.

Putnam could very well wait until 8/15 to sign.

Waiting until the end doesn't entirely spell doom. Wieters did not sign with the O's until minutes before the deadline. As a result he did not play professionally last year after leaving Ga. Tech. However Wieters is already the best C in the minors, will be a top 5 prospect in all of MiLB, was just promoted to AA this week, and might be a Sept. call-up.

Putnam is nowhere near that talented though.

If he does not sign, he does not have to return to Michigan. It would be very stupid given he has eligibility left, but he isn't required to.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Thanks rocky, Just wanted to know how long they had to sign. Yeah i saw Wieters is with (Bowie, first AA) game tonight. He is a stud as a catcher and at the plate.

I wanted to see the All Americans play, but i am coaching 1st base for my step brother's American Legion team in Mount Vernon. That leaves no extra time for anything. I guess i just can't stay off a baseball field at all. Lol