Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bucks Finish Weekend 1-0

The constant rains that have washed through Central Ohio the last three days have also wrecked havoc on most of the southeastern United States and were not too kindly on our baseball team.

After having yesterday's game against host Western Carolina moved up, delayed, and ultimately postponed, the same with a projected evening game against Akron, today has fared no better, as weather will not allow the Bucks to play the final two games of the weekend.

The Buckeyes return to Columbus with a Friday's 7-1 win over Army to sit at 5-3 on the year. No make-up game with Western Carolina should be expected, but the game with Akron led by former Buckeye assistant Pat Bangtson may have one last life. The Bucks and Zips are scheduled to play a midweek game, April 13, in Columbus, perhaps that now turns into a doubleheader? We shall see.

Ohio State return to action, and return to Florida, next weekend where they will see Army again, as well as play Yale and Illinois State.

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BaseballBucks33 said...

Your back,i really don't know how you do it,running and writting for your 3 web sites,working and going to school. Crazy good you are my friend. Anyway to the good stuff this yrs Ohio State Buckeyes. I am so impressed with Dezse so far,the kid can do it all. Not much from Greve or Wetzel yet but they are only 8 games into their college careers. Really thought 2B would be a trouble spot but Cypret has been soild. Engle had a nice 1st weekend and then returned to last yrs form,not good news. Would love to see Hays or Hannahs get some more pt at SS. Still don't really understand the Streng-Hallberg switch but what do i know?? I am really shocked that David Corna has 8 RBi and is hitting 300 something. Nice suprise so far.

Great to see Drew and Dean pitch really well early on,hopefully McKinney gets it together so he can be the mid week starter. Nice to see Armstrong back on the bump and Dave Fath has been outstanding too. Hopefully Minium gets his stuff right soon cause we will need him down the stretch for sure. The Calif trip need week will get ugly i would imagine but who knows maybe they will suprise us a game or two.

Either way it is great college baseball is back and i can't wait till the home opener in 3 weeks.

Go Bucks!!