Thursday, November 11, 2010

Early Signing Period Wrap Pt. I

As mentioned yesterday the Early Signing Period is Nov. 10-17. While many student-athletes have ceremonies and submit their NLI on the first day of the period, the entire week is allowed for the letters to be submitted.

As a result Ohio State provided a release stating Aaron Gretz, Eric Haase, Matt Panek, and Matt Wisler did indeed submit their NLIs and are officially a part of Buckeye Nation.

While there is no reason to believe Cohoes, Leffel, Pollock, and Sakosky will not be Buckeyes as I have reported, you can read the Ohio State release on the first wave of new Buckeyes as Beals, Staff Add Four to Buckeye Baseball

The release provides information on the newest Buckeyes and thoughts from Coach Beals. has a bit on the lone southpaw in the 2011 class as Panek Impresses Ohio State

Lastly in the initial wrap on the newest Buckeyes here are three videos of Haase, one Panek, and two Wisler. The former two you have seen, but the two of Wisler have been provided by Nick Faleris of DiamondScapeScouting



Behind the plate

In the field



Wrigley Classic

More will come at the conclusion of the signing period. Everything from pictures, to stories on the new Buckeyes, interviews, and Ohio State's release with more thoughts from Coach Beals.

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