Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Buckeye 2011 Scheduling Bits

Just spoke to Akron Head Coach Pat Bangtson for a story for Buckeye State Baseball. In speaking to him was informed the Buckeyes will be at Western Carolina the third weekend of the 2011 season for a tournament with Bangtson's Zips as well as Army.

Ohio State played both Akron and Army last season. The last time Ohio state faced Western Carolina was 2007 when the Catamounts came to Columbus for a pair of mid-week games in May sweeping the Bucks 7-3 and 12-2.

That means we have at least half of the Buckeyes non-conference schedule for 2010:

Week 1 Feb 18-20th: TBD*
Week 2 Feb 25th-27th: TBD*
Week 3 March 4-6th: @ Western Carolina w/ Akron & Army
Week 4 March 11-13th: Dodgertown Classic w/ Georgia, UCLA, USC
Week 5 March 18-20th: TBD
Week 6 March 24-26th: @ Cal-State Bakersfield

*Assumption is the Big East/Big Ten Challenge will continue, now that the 14th week has been known I would assume it goes back to the opening weekend as it was in 2009 before being bumped in 2010.

Note the Ohio State spring break is the 18th-27th. Since the series at Cal-State Bakersfield ends the trip, I would assume Ohio State has a midweek slate in California, if not an entire week out there including the 18th-20th.

As always I'll pass along the latest as I get it.


BaseballBucks33 said...

As a long time baseball supporter i am happy as heck to see an upgraded schedule for 2011. The Bob Todd schedules of the last years were getting old very quickly and left the club with ZERO wiggle room for losing streaks or bad play. Thank god for Coach Beals and some early season trips to Calf.

Chris Webb said...

I've heard back from the Big Ten, and indeed the Big East-Big Ten Challenge will continue in 2011, so we now know 4 of the first 6 weekends for Ohio State.