Monday, June 14, 2010

Hiatus Over, What's Next for Buckeye Baseball

I'm back.

Basically had to fight off a viral infection for the last three weeks that wanted me dead. Throw in the end of the quarter, finals, work, etc, it's been a rough month.

A lot has happened over the last three weeks. Alex Wimmers has twice been named 1st team All-America. He, Dan Burkhart, and Zach Hurley were selected last week in the MLB First-Year Player Draft. There is also this thing with the head coaching vacancy, that is in it's final days.

I've learned not to set deadlines, it causes stress and leaves everyone disappointed when I can't meet them, but here is what I would like to do this week.

Recap the season
Touch on Coach Todd's tenure
Discuss the draft
Give you guys the insight into Ohio State's next baseball coach
Start to look ahead to summer leagues

It'll be a fun and hopefully informative week.

Sorry for the hiatus, but we're back.

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