Thursday, April 29, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines

It's Michigan Week.

I know this.

Not the ideal time to not be able to do much, but as you've come to expect by now, with me unfortunately not everything can be expected. After dealing with a near-totaled car, my laptop decided to crash on Tuesday. Just can't catch a break.

However I was able to speak with Michigan head coach Rich Maloney as his squad looks to dethrown the Buckeyes and retake the Big Ten crown they held the prior three seasons.

While the entire conversation was 40 minutes long, Sean Stires of College Baseball 360 edited the interview down to a nice 8 or so minutes.

As I prepare to work on the Michigan preview, the appetizer is my audio with Maloney which you can listen to here.

Sorry Woody for betraying you.

1 comment:

edavis73 said...

Great interview, Chris! Coach Maloney has very eloquently stated the plight of Northern Baseball and the RPI. Great stuff! As hard as this is to admit to, I really like the guy! Now, GO BUCKS - let's CRUSH his team!