Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yahoo Sports/ Programs on the rise and decline

Many programs have statements to make

Kendall Rogers throwing more love towards the Buckeyes. Resident favorite national media member Eric Sorenson has some catching up to do.....

Kendall's take

It’s a comparison few would make. But in a way, college baseball mimics the stock market.

As with the stock market, there are some programs out there like Texas, Cal State Fullerton, LSU, Florida State and North Carolina that are constants. There also are programs such as Baylor, Nebraska, California, Arizona and Tulane that can’t seem to find their places in college baseball’s stock market.

Then there are programs such as Texas Christian, Virginia, East Carolina, Kansas and Ohio State that may remind some of the rising tech stars of the late 1990s.

TCU reached a super regional last season and has a chance to be even better in 2010, Virginia will be a national title contender in the spring, East Carolina has a golden opportunity to be the best team in the state of North Carolina for once, Kansas could make a huge statement in the Big 12 and Ohio State has the personnel to return to Omaha for the first time since ’67.

Some stocks will rise and some will fall. But for many, it’s all about timing.

Perhaps that scenario will play out for some of our rising and declining programs.

Ohio State on the rise

Analysis. The Buckeyes haven’t had an issue making a name for themselves this decade. But in terms of being a player on the national stage, the Bucks have yet to master that objective. That could change in the spring. Ohio State welcomes back several key players from a squad that finished last season with a 42-19 record and a Big Ten regular season championship. OSU will have one of the nation’s best pitchers in Alex Wimmers. It also welcomes back a plethora of talent at the plate. This team can get to Omaha.

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