Sunday, August 9, 2009

From the world of "OMG he went there"

This is not Ohio State baseball related, in fact it is on the complete opposite end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In my 2-week absence the guys over Varsity Blue made the move over to MGoBlog.

Now normally this is "who cares" it is Michigan. And a year ago I would have that same feeling. But a Big Ten championship later and seeing Michigan fall out of the top 6, you have sympathy and tolerate them. And its almost football season. Enough said.

Sarcasm aside, Formerly Anonymous who is a frequent visitor here will head the baseball cover from MGoBlog and I encourage the Buckeyes to frequently hop over there, as well as the other Big Ten baseball blogs to support the Big Ten. He does a good job of keeping everyone updated on the latest Mazie & Blue news, and they say keep your friends closer, but you're enemies closer.

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