Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer League Buckeyes: Roster changes

Just a few updates on where Buckeyes are spending the summer.

Cape Cod:

After not being name to the Team USA Collegiate Baseball roster, Alex Wimmers has finally arrived in the Cape and has started his summer with the Bourne Braves. Alex has appeared in one game, he threw two innings, allowed a solo home run, but that was the only hit against Wimmers. In those two innings, Wimmers struck out four, continuing the dominance we saw this spring that made him an All American.

Valley Baseball League:

The Valley was the exit of one Buckeye but the entrance of another. Joining Buckeye teammates Jared Strayer and Brian DeLucia this past week was catch Shawn Forsythe as a Rockbridge Rapid. Forsythe has appeared in two games, starting one, and is looking for his first hit of the summer after going hitless in his first five tries.

Great Lakes:

As one came in, one went out. Tyler Engle who was one of a trio of Buckeyes spending the summer as a Luray Wrangler has relocated and playing summer ball closer to home, but as found himself still in the company of a Buckeye. After hitting .313 in the Valley, Tyler Engle has found a spot on the Licking County Settlers roster for the remainder of the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League season. Engle made his first appearance in a Settlers game last night as a pinch-hitter. Engle joins Eric Best as the Ohio State student-athletes participating in the GLSCL doubles from one to two.

I will do my best to keep everyone informed as to where the Buckeyes are spending their summers and how they are performing, as well as checking in with a trio of Buckeyes who are not on a wooden bat circuit but are day in and day out trying to improve their game as the Buckeyes in 2010 will look to defend their title.


4 of the last 6 said...

ok news and bad news ... DeLucia / Kovanda and Cypret hitting in the .285 to .325 average range. decent for wood bats (Nowland at .214) ; also just ok Rucinski ERA at 3.52; a decent ERA vs aluminum, not great vs. guys fairly inexperieced with the wood. bad ... AA ERA at 6.19, Strayer at 10.80. I hope to get to Newark for the DH on Aug 1st. Hope Eric is pitching

Anonymous said...

Rucinski has really done a decent job this summer. Overuse has been his problem. Luray started him 4 times in 17 days, twice against the same team. He developed a large blister during his third start and tried to pitch through it during his fourth start when he gave up 4 earned runs in the 5th inning including a couple of doubles and a home run. If you have never been here to Luray you need to realize the centerfield fence is only 340ft and there are lots of homeruns. Luray has since given Rucinski some time off to heal the blister, using him only as a closer. A whip of 1.13 and opp/ba of .211 is pretty good.

4 of the last 6 said...

Anonymous ... thanks for the update! Bucks really need Drew this year in some capacity. With Jake leaving and guys like AA, Strayer abd Barrera question marks. He's a great kid too. Sat at our table at the Luncheon 2 years ago. Really a big move for him to come all the way from OK and looks like he's handled it very well.

Chris Webb said...

Best has been shut down for the summer.

Barrera will not be back with the team in 2010.