Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wimmers No Hits Michigan

A lot more to come but Alex Wimmers tosses the first nine-inning no-hit game in Ohio State History as the Buckeyes beat Michigan 6-0 in game 1 of the Doubleheader.


edavis73 said...

No comments on this historic game yet - amazing on all counts!!

This was a wonderful effort by the entire team...great no-no saving plays by Tyler, Cory & (of course) Dan's spectacular work behind the plate. Alex was simply unhittable on Saturday. Nice contribution by Jake after the game, too. I was about 15 feet from the "shaving creme scene" and was quote impressed by the look on Jake's face as he applied the it. He was SERIOUS about doing the job right! Unfortunately, as high as the Bucks were during and after the game, it took a toll in Sunday's contest. We looked more than a little (emotionally) spent. Too bad, because we needed that game too.

Chris Webb said...

Its partially my fault. I'm still working on how to "capture" the game, as well as the huge weekend.

Unfortunately I've been busy with work all day, class today, and a midterm tomorrow. Oh and a job interview tonight. Sigh.

Wimmers did an amazing job and its being known throughout the country. Outside of my own report, I'll have the words from Baseball America, Rivals/Yahoo, College Baseball Today, the Dispatch, etc.

Also his post game audio, pictures from the

Sincere apologies, I've never witnessed a no-no and want to give Alex his credit.

Hopefully everyone is patient please!