Monday, May 18, 2009

Rankings, Polls, whatever you call them

As the regular seasons across America come to an end and we enter into the postseason, here's a snapshot at how the Buckeyes are view in the college baseball world.

After having a few weeks on the outside looking in, the Buckeyes jump back into the Collegiate Baseball top 30, sitting at 23, just barely above Minnesota at 24 by 1 point. The closeness in the poll reflects the closeness in the Big Ten Standings.

The Buckeyes are 27th in the two other polls they are ranked in.


ESPN/USAToday Coaches

The Buckeyes are not quite yet out of the Regional hosting picture. Though they do not hold a ton of water and weight, being ranked does add to a teams resume. The Bucks have their work cut out for them this week with the Big Ten Tournament, but don't give up on the hope just yet.

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