Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ohio State-Georgia II Bucks lead 13-6 Top 8

Figured while I'm on I might as well get this up.

I pray, and I mean PRAY one of our pitchers makes Cerione wear one and put him on his butt. After his antics on his 2 home runs, first off Wimmers should have hit him the next time he came up after his "jump shot" celebration... also the fact 3 of our players were being hit, Cerione deserves one. Our team needs a shot in the arm, or swagger, something to fire them up.

Anyhow, lefty Eric Best is on the mound. If it means much our best pitcher Friday was Barerra another southpaw. We'll probably have to put some runs on the board either way and hopefully we can get it into the 6th close. Go Bucks

Couple of notes... Cerione meet KARMA. So he didn't get plunked by a pitcher, but his STUPID play allowed Stephens to get an inside the park home run. Stephens wasn't done, Michael dropped a 3-run bomb in the bottom of the 7th to make the score 13-6, finishing a 6 run 7th for the Bucks. Oh and remember the Ceirone jump shot Friday night? Yeah Stephens threw it back into the Bulldogs dugout. Love it. Hale is in right now and dealing.

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formerlyanonymous said...

Go Buckeyes. [/gagging]