Thursday, May 7, 2009

Numbers are Fun: Hitting

I should clarify, baseball numbers are fun. When you've failed two college calculus classes, numbers aren't exactly fun. But hey, being a 5th year senior has landed me this gig so I can't complain.

I've combed through all 29 pages of the bi-weekly Big Ten Release that Mrs. Valerie Todryk Krebs send out. Krebs is the Big Ten's baseball communications contact, and was actually in the Bill Davis pressbox for Game 2 Saturday. She earlier attended the Big Ten Rowing Championships at Briggs? (maybe Hoover) Reservoir. Anyhow I was able to briefly speak to her about the Big Ten Tournament and the decision to play it at a pre-determined site, and will have more on that talk later.

Anyhow back to the release, the release included pretty much every baseball statistical category created by man. I'll just throw out what Bucks made what top 10 lists, in Big Ten games only.

Batting Average
Ryan Dew 3rd at .439
Dan Burkhart 10th at .375

Slugging Percentage
Dew 8th at .606

On Base Percentage
Dew 3rd at .500
Burkhart 6th at .493
Tyler Engle 8th at .491

Runs Scored
Zach Hurley 5th at 19

Dew 3rd at 29


Burkhart, Hurley, Justin Miller at tied for 6th with 6

Michael Stephens tied or 1st, 2

Home Runs
Matt Streng tied for 5th with 4

Total Bases
Dew t-8th, 40

Burkhart & Engle t-4th, 15
Cory Kovanda 6th, 14

Hit By Pitches
Stephens 1st, 7

Sac Bunts
Stephens 2nd, 4

Sac Flied & Stolen Bases

Total Plate Appearances
Hurley t-1st, 91
Miller t-7th, 85

Hurley 1st, 80
Miller 3rd, 76
Arp, t-7th, 73

Steal attempts, Stikeouts, Caught stealing

Stephens t-1st, 4

I'll do pitching here in a bit. Its a lot of Hale, Rucinski, Wolosiansky, and Wimmers. Just to touch on the hitting, its safe to say Dew, Burkhart, and Stephens will be All-Big Ten.


Robbie said...

The Illini pitching is good, but the Buckeye offense is good as well. It should be a good battle!

Chris Webb said...

"The Illini pitching is good, but the Buckeye offense is good as well. It should be a good battle!"

If the Illini's pitching is the preceived advantage going into this game, a few people might be in for a rude awakening. The Bucks are ahead of the Illini in nearly every conference pitching category... ERA, BAA, K's, Tied in Saves, hits allowed, sac flies allowed, home runs allowed, HBP, etc. The only areas where Illini pitching is better is doubles allowed, wild pitches, balks, total runs allowed, and walks issued.

Illinois is a better fielding team but the differences are very minute.