Monday, April 20, 2009

More Websites for the College Baseball Nut

Be sure to check out the good guys at Dixe Fried Sports as they take a close look at the college baseball, and sports in general in the south. Matt and Justin have done a great job with their site, and Matt has told me he has caught quite a few Big Ten baseball games, thanks in part to the Big Ten Network. Strongly urge many if they have not yet, just take a more national view at different teams in college baseball.

Some great baseball is being played throughout the country, and if the Bucks are able to secure a Regional host, you'll never know who will be playing in Columbus. They also have their own Regional projections and a top 30 in which the Bucks are highly thought of. Try not to be put off too much for the SEC football love. Lord knows Ohio State has had its problems there. They take their college baseball almost as serious as their college football which is refreshing.

Also and this one surprised me, the Big Ten or is it the Big Te Network? either way, the Big Ten has a baseball blog on the Network's website in the baseball section. Its pretty solid and quite informative giving weekend breakdowns, game recaps, and other odds and ends in the Big Ten such as required readings, and must see TV. Pretty enjoyable. Big Ten Baseball Blog Easy way to keep track of whats happening throughout the conference.

Both links are to the right in the appropriate section. Check them out, let me know what you think.

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