Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Meet the Team luncheon set for February 14h

Looking for a chance to congradulate Miller on his accolades, speak to your favorite player, or see the entire 2009 Ohio State baseball team? The 2009 Meet the Team luncheon is set for February 14th at the Holiday Inn on the Lane. The luncheon is a chance to meet the 2009 team and hear from Head Coach Bob Todd as he discusses the upcoming season and the team’s road to the Big Ten Title and the College World Series.

Tickets for this year’s event are $ 25.00. To order tickets, send your checks to:
Buckeye Diamond Club
P.O. Box 1674
Columbus, Ohio 43216

For more information about the event, please call the baseball office at 614-292-1075
There are a limited number of rooms available at the Holiday Inn. Rooms are available for $99 per night. For room reservations call 614-294-4848 and mention the Buckeye Diamond Club luncheon.
The Holiday Inn is located at 328 W. Lane Avenue across from St. John Arena. This year’s luncheon will begin at 11:45 AM with registration beginning at 10:30 AM.


Brian P. Foley said...

Not a bad price at all.

4 of the last 6 said...

Less than 4 weeks till the start of the season !! How about starting a thread (or using this one) for some pre-season conjecture? -- How about something like this for a starting line-up to get the conversation going?:
1- Hurley
2- Engle or Kovanda
3- Stevens or Dew
4- Gus
5- Dew / Stevens
6- Rupert
7- Burkhart
8- DH tbd
9- Kovanda / Engle

I see ARP getting lots of ABs as DH / starting in the OF vs. leftys

BaseballBucks33 said...

It's funny sitting here talking baseball when it is snowing like crazy outside. Lol. We went to the OSU hockey game last night and we parked in the BDS parking lot. I can't wait till spring time when the Buckeyes are back playing at home. That IU loss in the (Big 10 tourny) last year left a horrible taste in my mouth.

Not a bad lineup (4 of the last 6).
I like this one...

2b Kovanda
LF Hurley
CF Stephens
1B Miller
RF Dew/Arp
DH Delucia/ ^
3b Rupert
c Burkhart
SS Engle

4 of the last 6 said...

BB33 --- I'll take that line-up. I'd like to see Kovanda lead-off; but his bat seemed to tire a bit later in the year last season. Playing 3 games / weekend vs. 4 should help him. I think Engle is going to increase his production this season now that he has a year under his belt and the surgery is behind him. Thoughts on pitching? I see Hale, Wolo and AA (in no particular order) as the weekend 3 with Edgin / Rucinski as the mid week guys. Wimmers and Best as the closers. I'd really like to see Rucinski pitch to his 'potential'. I guess Theron and Josh are question marks. Will be interesting to see what they and the freshman have down in Florida

Chris Webb said...

Hale is going to be the full time closer.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, after Jake will be in a position to compete for a spot in the rotation with everyone is making up relief.

I think it'll end up.

Friday- Wolo
Saturday- Armstrong
Sunday- Rucinski
Midweek- Best
Midweek- Minium
Relief- Barrera
Set up- Wimmers
Closer- Hale

Edgin is no longer on the team.

4 of the last 6 said...

Chris -- didn't work out very well last time Hale was tried as closer plus I thik, that from a carrer perspective, he's looking to be a starter at the next level. Rucinski has yet to prove he's got the consistency to pitch on the weekend but I'd love to see him do so --- I believe he has the tools

BaseballBucks33 said...

I am not a fan of Hale as the closer at all. I guess that's why i am a fan and not in the dugout. I just think he is a starter and can go very deep into games. As a closer he will only pitch half as many innings. With his ability i would like to see him be a weekend starter. I hope it works for Hale this year as he is a senior and this is his last chance to shine.

I agree about Kovanda getting tired in the late part of last season. Hopefully maybe he can get some rest during the midweek with Delucia or Streng playing the IF. I think other than Hurley or maybe Arp Kovanda is the best option on the club as a lead off hitter.

Chris Webb said...


I'm providing info directly from the program. Hale WILL be the closer to start the season.

Also it was broken down on another forum, but Jake actually did not do that bad as a closer. He was knocked around a bit against UM in the extra inning game, as well as his third game in three days against Indiana, other than that he did well.

vs georgetown 1 IP 1 hit 1 run he got the Save.
vs N. Florida 1 IP 1 hit 0 runs Save no. 2
vs Uconn 1.2 0 hit 0 runs 1 BB Save No. 3
vs Dartmouth 2 IP 1 hit Save no 4
Vs Harvard 1 IP 3 hits 4 runs did not get a save score was 5-0 when he came in.
Vs Iowa 2.1 scorless and hitless innings save no 5
vs Michigan 1.2 3 hits 5 runs all runs came in the top of the 10th.
vs Ball St. 2.2 1 hit 0 runs save no 6
vs Indiana 1 1 hit save no 7
vs Indiana 1.1 o hiys 0 runs save no 8
vs Indiana 1.1 5 hits 3 runs blown save got the win
vs Xavier 1 3 hits 3 runs blown save and loss
vs Purdue 1 2 hits 0 runs save no 9

You have to remember a closer's ERA can skyrocket with 1 bad outing due to limited innings pitches.

Jake's WHIP the last 2 seasons
08 as a starter 1.55
07 as a primary closer 1.48

Jake's K/9 the last 2 seasons
08 5.4
07 6.6

Jake's BAA
08 .300
07 .273

Now comparing what Best did as the closer to Jake

Best WHIP 1.65
Hale WHIP 1.48

Best K/9 8.43
Hale K/9 6.6

Best ERA 4.29
Hale ERA 4.25

Now comparing what Eric did as a closer 08 to starter 07

Best 08 WHIP 1.65
Best 07 WHIP 1.53

Best 08 K/9 8.43
Best 07 K/9 7.98

Best 08 BAA .252
Best 07 BAA .253

There isn't a ton of difference in what Eric and Jake did as closers, the numbers show that. The numbers also show Best performed pretty much the same regardless of roles. But at least the last two years, Jake did perform better as the closer. If closing abilities are equal, why not put Jake where he performed best, especially if you're not losing anything in Eric's productivity?

BuckeyeFan16 said...

I think we will see Kovanda in the lead off position. Delucia looked very good in the infield throughout fall practices. His bat also has a lot of potential. The 2009 line-up will be interesting. I do believe this team has all the players required for a Big Ten Championship.

Guillermo said...

Just a quick note on "4 of 6"'s comment regarding mid-week pitching...... Edgin is no longer on the staff. He transferred to a school in the Carolinas.

buckeyestorm said...

what about the oltorik pitcher?

BaseballBucks33 said...

16,I agree about Delucia needing to get more AB's and more playing time. Hopefully he earns more PT in practice and workouts in this next month. I really like his bat and defensive ability in the infield.

buckeyestorm said...

Well what about Strayer and Griffin...curious

buckeyestorm said...

Oltorik,Strayer ,Griffin...they are still on the team?

Guillermo said... is the currently posted roster...the only exception that I am aware of is Popadak should not be on there.

Guillermo said...

well....I guess that didn't work the way I wanted it to......but it will take you to the Bucks website and you can click on Roster. :-)

4 of the last 6 said...

Chris I think that you misunderstand my comments re: Jake. You state that --- 'If closing abilities are equal, why not put Jake where he performed best, especially if you're not losing anything in Eric's productivity?' I simply feel that with the loss of JB, and the fact that Drew MAY not be ready ... I believe that Jake could best help the team as a starter (as opposed to Best, et al). Also , thanks for the tip re: closer ERA ... 'You have to remember a closer's ERA can skyrocket with 1 bad outing due to limited innings pitches.' Understood...but let's remeber, as I'm sure you know,a closer comes in and gives up 'only',say, a hit and a walk (as your Jake perfmomance stats ofetn indicated e.g. 2X vs IU,Purdue, Xavier). It doesn't effect his ERA if 'his' runners don't score. So he may 'lose' ERA on the bad inning as you state; but a closer 'wins' in his ERA when its game over (his team wins OR loses) and his runners don't have the opportunity to score. At any rate ... simpy my opinion ... glad to be wrong and see Drew come around and be that 3rd starter and Jake be the stopper the team needs

Chris Webb said...

I understand, neither opinion is right, and you make valid points. Everyone of else expect Jake to be the leader of a solid rotation. However with what is going on in practice and the changes that have been, I was trying to rationalize why such a change could have been made. Though I obviously do not know for a fact why BT is going with Jake from the pen.

I am aware of what all goes into a closer, as do you I'm sure. My ERA points was not directed to you, but those who might simply glance and see a closer with a 4.something ERA and discredit what he did. I should have gone more indepth and looked at the issue more and looked at IRS but I was a bit lazy and simply copied and pasted the information. I apologize for that.

There's nothing wrong with disagreeing who BT is putting together the lineup. There were times when I felt DeLucia's bat needed to be in the lineup more, especially with Engle struggling.

I think we can agree that there is more than enough talent to make a serious run.

As far as my batting order, I would prefer...

2B Kovanda
RF Arp
CF Hurley
1B Miller
3B DeLucia
LF Stephens
DH Dew
C Burkart
SS Rupert

Unfortunately I saw nothing from Engle last year to warrant playing over Rupert and DeLucia.

BaseballBucks33 said...

I like that lineup expect fo maybe Dew in the OF for his defense and Stephens at DH. I don't know anything about Stephens OF defense though. I have always liked Ryan Dew's ability to play the outfield. I like Arp in the 2 hole. I hope we will see a differant Tyler Engle this yr. I think the injury really hurt him big time last yr. A .250 ba will not get it done in the Big Ten as a SS. I agree with Chris though that Delucia's bat needs to be in the lineup.

I really think Jake Hale should be a starter too, but Chris's stats make a good case for BT to have him close games. I also think Best can be a good starter too. He just has to cut down on the walks. He did have the 2nd best ERA on the club last year. I also like having a closer with some experience.I guess i just kinda though Hale would be the staff ace for this season with Dean W as the #2 weekend starter and Armstrong or Rucinski as the 3rd guy. In the end i just hope BT finds out what will work well as a (pitching staff) and will have a set pitching rotation before the Big Ten season starts.

4 of the last 6 said...

Chris --- I kinda agree on Engle and was surprised that he got so much time over Rupert at ss last season. His arm, while accurate, seemed weak and even marginal runners were beating his throws on balls hit to his right. Hopefully the surgery helped. I'd like to see him get some time at 2nd; spelling Kovanda (seems to tire on occassion .... I know can't be helped) and get Streng some ABs at ss , at least in midweek games to see what he can do. Any info that you can share on Theron / Josh?