Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dispatch Letter to the Editor

The following letter to the editor was printed in Sunday's Columbus Dispatch:

Editor: In an era where Ohio State seems to dominate in all things athletic, why is it OK that the golf and baseball programs continue to be mediocre at best? It's not the facilities, it's not that Ohio is lacking talent, it's not that they don't have the financial support. Longtime coaches still need to produce.
-- David Anderson


David (from Ray SE Ray Stein): I'm guessing Gene Smith would agree, although he might put it a bit more delicately, at least for public consumption.

I know there have been rumors circulating in regards to Bob Todd's future at Ohio State (both here on The Buckeye Nine and in other forums). He has not retired and as far as I know does not plan to retire. If my memory serves me correctly, he has at least one more year left on his current OSU contract and is presently hot on the recruiting trail.

Addressing the comment on the other program, on June 2, long-time OSU men's golf coach Jim Brown announced his retirement effective at the conclusion of the 2008-09 season.


rockybuckeye said...

But we've won 4 of the last 7 Big Ten Tourney crowns...

Sarcastic I was.

Short and sweet letter that was published. I would have thrown in Hockey as well, can't let Markell escape from this.

I don't know, I'm not really 100% wanting a change at the helm, just a change in the direction of the program.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious Ohio State baseball has slipped into the realm of middle of the pack in the Big Ten. It just does not have edge and energy it did several years ago. More disturbing than the slip to the middle of the pack of the B10 standings are the off the field rumours. The kids at Ohio State deserve the best chance at success and you have to wonder if they are being afforded that right now.

4 of the last 6 said...

to the cynics out there ... its cyclical. In our "down" years (I don't see them as such but apparently a great many of you see the last .. I don't know ... 5/6 years as such?) we've had results that many in the Big 10 would accept. I know, I know ... "we're tOSU ... we can't cycle down". Well all of you folks that were on the "let's be like / beat Michigan" band wagon get ready for a big thump. Their up cycle (a whopping 3 years) is over with the loss of Nate, Zach and Zach, VanBuskirk, Fetters, Christiansen and Mahler. So if another team comes along (Purdue / Ill) and has a bit of sucess for awhile ... calm down. In the long run I'll still take BT and the "direction" of our program over any others (BTW .... how's that other Big 10 "consistent" powerhouse Minn. looking these days!?)

Abrazzi said...

I believe you may be wrong about Michigan. They will continue to be the team to beat in the Big Ten. No team in the Big Ten matches Michigan's attention to detail.

Yes you need talented players, but program consistency comes from the structure and integrity of the program.

Big Ten baseball is embarrassingly bad. Michigan will be the only team to have success nationally until the other Big Ten schools step up and meet or exceed Michigan's standard.

BaseballBucks33 said...

I agree,UM is the team to beat in the Big Ten until they start to struggle. Chris Fetter was not drafted and will be back. They did lose their whole infield,but there OF is young with Cislo,Fellows,Oaks and Ryan LaMarre. They have Dufek to play 1B and Chris Berset behind the plate.

Tyler Burgoon is going to be a monster on the hill.The young man has a great arm and is a smart kid on the mound.

I hate to say it,but they are the class of the Big Ten until someone else proves them not to be. Coach Maloney has this program in a great place right now. I was also very shocked they lost to Kentucky in the NCAA at home,but in baseball anything can happen to any team. They lost a lot when Reck got hurt and there pitching was thin in the pen.

rockybuckeye said...

"Their up cycle (a whopping 3 years) is over with the loss of Nate, Zach and Zach, VanBuskirk, Fetters, Christiansen and Mahler" I'm assuming one of the Zachs is Adam? anyhow...

Yes their success has correlated with the 3-4 years those players have been there. However, compare those Michigan teams, and look at our 06 team.

Our ENTIRE starting rotation has been drafted since then... Dan, Cory, JB, Jake. 3 IF's in Fryer, Stephen, Borquin, and an OF in Angle. 7 startes took the field regularly that was drafted. Gus the jury is still out on, and the other players were Howell and Zoeller, not exactly scrubs.

Why did we never go on an "up cycle" like Michigan did? we follow a solid 06 season, no tourney bid though, with back to back .500 seasons.

Straight up, our players are/were more talented from in 06 and 07 than Michigan's the last 2 seasons.

So I can't but the whole it was a great class that carried them. There obviously is more to it.