Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back Home in Omaha!

Well, the field for the College World Series is set. Six of the eight national seeds advanced. Who didn't make it? Well, No. 3 seed Arizona State was ousted Monday night by Fresno State, which was the No. 4 seed in its regional. The Bulldogs won the Long Beach Regional and then surprised the Sun Devils in Tempe. Stanford upset national No. 5 seed Cal State Fullerton in the Super Regional.

The national seeds that advanced are No. 1 Miami (Fla.), No. 2 North Carolina, No. 4 Florida State, No. 6 Rice, No. 7 LSU and No. 8 Georgia.

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I was fortunate enough to see Rice beat Texas A&M last Saturday at Reckling Park in Houston. They have strong pitching again this season but have an offense, too. If they can keep their fielding under control, they'll make a run at their second national championship. They are making their seventh CWS appearance (all since 1997) and won the school's only national title in 2003. Obviously, I'm pulling for them, having worked in the Owls' SID office from 1994-2000.

Miami looks like the team to beat and the ACC appears to be in good shape to win its first national championship since Wake Forest won in 1955. Seriously. If Rice can't play for the championship, I'll be pulling for North Carolina, which has been close the last few years but hasn't been able to get over the hump. I despise Miami in all sports, mainly because they are sore losers and even worse winners.

Complete Bracket
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I know this site is dedicated to Ohio State baseball, but its purpose is also to help introduce fans to college baseball at a national level. There is no sporting event better than the College World Series and I think every fan should make the trip to Omaha at least once. I'll never forget my first visit with Rice in 1999. I went again with Clemson in 2000 and have been back a few other times through my participation with the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association.


rockybuckeye said...

Its UNC's year.

They were overshadowed most of the ACC season with FSU and Miami grabbing headlines, and deservingly so, but this team has been here before and should have a fire to get the job done.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Saw CF Kyle Hudson signed with Baltimore today. Now i would assume he can't play football anymore at Illinois. Wish him luck at the next level. Had fun watching him play at the BT tourny. He is a good ball player.

Also saw Scott Lewis pitched his 1st game of the season on (June 6th.) 5 Ip, 2 H and 3 K for Akron. Always liked Lewis but thought he left a yr. too early. Hope he does well this summer for Akron.Sure pray he is in AAA this yr. at some point.

Can't wait till Saturday for the CWS to start. I love this time of yr.

rockybuckeye said...

Hudson will be back on the football sidelines. His signing of the baseball contract does not hurt his eligibility for football.

BaseballBucks33 said...

I really don't understand this rule at all.

How can you play pro baseball and still be in college and play (football). I understand the schedule stuff,but once you are a pro how can you return to school and play. Don't really like it. It lets guys not decide what sport they want to play until it is late. Hudson could also get drafted in football too.

Todd Lamb said...

The NCAA rule permits you to retain amateur status in one sport eventhough you are a pro in another. Devon Torrence, who currently plays football at Ohio State, was drafted in 2007 and signed by the Houston Astros. Many, many players do this. Chris Weinke won the Heisman Trophy his senior season at Florida State. Before enrolling at FSU, he spent six years in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. It happens more than you think and seems like a huge contradiction to the NCAA rules that a student-athlete is allowed be paid, but the rules allow it as of now.

rockybuckeye said...

Hudson, Decker (Minny), Means (IU), all were drafted. All are CF's and all are WR's that will be back this fall playing football.

Anyhow, I'm really, really excited to watch this UGA-Miami game. Maybe it'll put the Alonso/Beckham debate to rest?

Todd Lamb said...

Well, I'm bummed. I never thought Rice would be 2-and-Q. First a 17-5 loss to Fresno State and then a loss today in the bottom of the ninth. Today's loss to LSU reminded me of the 1999 CWS game vs. Alabama that Rice lost in the same fashion. I was there that season with the Owls. The next year I was in Omaha with Clemson and the Tigers were sent packing in the bottom of the ninth by Louisiana-Lafayette.

With Rice out, I will honor my earlier mention and back North Carolina. I'm sure the Mike Fox would rather I not back his team but after coming close the last two seasons only to lose to Oregon State, I think they are due. The ACC is due. I have friends that would find this strange, but Go Tar Heels!

rockybuckeye said...

Come on Heels.

Anyone remember in 05 when we played, and BEAT UNC 2-1.

Future 1st round pick Daniel Bard took the L for UNC. Luyster picked up the win going 6 allowing 1 earned, Rory (feels weird knowing he pitched that long ago) and Fausnaugh came in as relief and sealed the deal.

Angle had 2 of the Bucks 5 hits, Borquin, Jed, and Wes had the other 3.

And get this... that was AFTER we played Georgia the day before and BEFORE we played Arizona State.

I only wish we saw the scheduling where we saw that type of weekend. Impressive to say the least.