Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The All-Big Ten teams have been announced and well, the Buckeyes didn't fare too well. We have to remember we were fifth in the final standings, yet somehow I feel slighted.

Jake Hale and Dean Wolosiansky earned second team honors while J.B. Shuck was named to the third team as both a pitcher and an outfielder. Dan DeLucia was annual Sportsmanship Award winner from Ohio State. Congrats are in order for these guys, but...

Justin Miller got screwed... nothing. I just don't understand it! Let The Buckeye Nine know what you think. Here is the Ohio State release that was a lot more diplomatic than this post.

Click here for the official Big Ten release. These awards are voted on by Big Ten coaches.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nothing for Justin Miller... shocking. 4th in the league in hitting and 4th in RBI. The guys in front of him were on better teams and had many more HRs... but .400+ and nothing. Winning teams and home runs impress the voters, but I do not know of how any player could have meant more to his team than Justin did to OSU. To the victors go the spoils.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Yeah he got a raw deal.I guess that is what happens when you go 15-15 in conference and 30-24 overall.No respect for a 5th place Big Ten team.

The only thing Gus can do is go out to AA and prove them wrong on the field.I hope he does have a great tourny,cause OSU really needs him too.I can't even want to imagine a Ohio State baseball team without Miller at 1st.He has had a great 3 years and hope he does indeed comes back for year # 4.

BuckeyeFan16 said...

I am shocked too. Who does the voting for these awards? Is it the head coaches? Also, does OSU give out individual awards such as MVP, etc.?

Todd Lamb said...

I think many people would be surprised that a majority of the head coaches actually do the voting for these awards. The coaches have a conference call the day before the announcement to lobby for their guys. I know coach Todd always asked me to print out each teams overall and conference stats for the call and took their role very seriously. Often the SID will submit the ballot, but I think most head coaches actually vote, often time with consultation with their assistant coaches.