Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bucks Snap Streak with Win vs. Michigan

Ohio State and Michigan split a doubleheader Saturday in Ann Arbor. It was all Wolverines in the first game, 6-1 (Box Score), with the Buckeyes claiming a win in the top of the seventh for 3-2 win in game two (Box Score). The win by the Buckeyes snapped a string of 11 consective regular season losses to Michigan.

Ryan Meade's sacrifice gave the Buckeyes a 1-0 lead in the first inning of game one. They maintained the lead until Michigan scored two in the fifth and four more in the sixth. Dan DeLucia last 3.0 innings and did not allow a run on one hit and struck out three. Alex Wimmers pitched the final 3.0 innings, allowing all six runs on five hits. He struck out one but walked five in falling to 0-2.

Ohio State had just four hits and committed three errors. Michigan had seven hits and one error.

In game two, the Buckeyes scored twice in the first thanks to RBI by Justin Miller and Meade. Michigan tied the game in the bottom of the fifth. The first run scored on a balk but Mike Dufek doubled in the tying run.

Justin Miller drove in the winning run in the top of the seventh inning for his second RBI of the game. Ohio State had eight hits and benefited from four Michigan errors.

Dean Wolosiansky pitched 6.2 innings and allowed both runs on four hits. He struck out three but walked four before handing the ball to Eric Best who got the final out to earn his sixth save of the season. Wolo improved to 7-2.

Ohio State is now 24-20 overall and 11-11 in the Big Ten. The Wolverines are 33-11, 19-4.

The teams close out the series Sunday with a single, nine-inning game at 1:05 p.m.

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BaseballBucks33 said...

Bucks lose game 1 6-1 to UM. Deluica could only go 3 IP,with (elbow or arm soreness i would guess).Scored in the 1st again and that was it.We could do not do anything with Fetter.This is getting very old, not scoring runs when we have good pitching on the mound.

Wimmers walked 5 in 3 IP.Not what BT needed today from the frosh. Our defensive also hurt us again with 3 miscues.

Lets Go Bucks!

rockybuckeye said...

Bucks lose game 1 6-1. Mahoney continues to appear to be the better of the two coaches. With squeezes(05 tourney anyone?), stolen bases, etc they get the job done, knowing when to pitch/not to to a batter, and putting together a good lne-up as a whole 1-9. While we strande runners at 3rd with 1 out repeatedly, as well as run our way out of innings, have no cpnsistancy in the line-up, and probably have players on the bench that can get the job done, that have not seen the field this series.

DeLucia pitched well, 3 innings, 1 hit 3 K's, 1 BB. Wimmers was roughed up, 3IP, 6R, 5ER, 5BB. Nobody really did anything at the plate, however we did waste another golden chance to put runs, notice runS not 1 run, on the board in the 1st.

I really wanted to go to be their, but with not being able to take off work this morning, and having the games pushed up, right now I'm glad I did not waste the time. Too frustrating.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Yeah what upsets me is the same problems that are causing us to lose games.That to me is a lack of good coaching.We have to hit better with RISP.

We are losing the same way every weekend. No constant offense at all this year. We can't do the small things,bunt,run the bases,hit and run,field the ball and throw strikes.No reason for that at the college level. Wimmers has been pretty good this year,but has to throw strikes more often.I know this sounds easy but that is what Alex has to do.

UM 3B Adam Abraham can rake at 3rd he has made some great plays vs. OSU over the years.He make a couple more nice plays last night.Putnam was also good on the hill last night,he has a good curve and decent change.

Good News. OSU up 2-0 in the bottom of 2nd in game # 2. Always feel good with Dean W on the hill,he has thrown great all year.

Go Bucks beat the blue!!

rockybuckeye said...

There is a lot that frustrates me.

A quick list...
-Not expecting a squeeze in games 1 and 2

-Not using the squeeze, ever really, and stranding runners at 3rd with less than 2 outs.

-Leaving Hale out there just a tad too long. I know Jake can do it, but you cannot have a kid go out and throw 120+ pitches every start.

-Arp?? You're struggling for hits in 2 games, and statistically your best hitter in league play so far, your best pinch hitter, and a guy with the hot bat see no playing time?

-The mindset that this is just another game, and another series. fine, you're barely .500, lets see how playing another game against the best team works. or you could accept the fact it is Michigan, not just another game, and play with some fire, trying to knock off a program that has dominated you the last 3 seasons.

-Throwing Wimmers on back to back nights. Just do not like the thought of exposing a pitcher, especially a freshman to a team one night in a close game, and coming back to him. I know he had a good stretch up to this point, but all of them Rucinski, Armstrong, have had their streaks.

-Having a program for the second season in a row be .500.

BaseballBucks33 said...

I think you covered all the bases Rocky.I agree with everything said.You hit the nail on the head.

I agree about Arp over Dew,we have talked about that on here this year.I just don't understand Arp not starting in OF.

I also think throwning Wimmers back to back days is not smart.We do have other guys in the pen that can get the job done.Yeah he did leave Hale i too long,but i have seen that before over the years unfortunately.

Yeah, i have heard about the poor mindset for playing Michigan from former players.That to me really is bad by the coaching staff.If you can't get up to play UM,you should not have a jersey at OSU.

Game 2, now 2-2 in the bottom of the 5th.

rockybuckeye said...

Not that I'm looking ahead to tomorrow with game 3 still in doubt.

But right now, with us realy being on the verge of not making the tourney, this is where I let JB pitch and bat. The offense, which has been shut down this weekend, is even worse without his bat in the 3 hole.

Every game matters, not that game #28 matters more than #2, but now your backs are starting to be against the wall, and its all or nothing really.

LF Kennedy
2B Kovanda
P Shuck
1B Miller
CF Hurley
RF Arp
3B DeLucia
SS Rupert
C Burkhart

Or give Burk a rest behind the plate, throw Gus down and Meade at first.

We have to start changing some things, but still be consistant to get a bit of a rythme and flow.

Hate to say it, but kinda like how Mahoney does it. His RF and C are struggling at the plate, so he brings in a new LF and RF, throws VanBuskirk to 1B, and Recknagle behind the plate.... do you ever see us putting in Arp to hit for say Burk who is 0-4, throwing Miller to C, Dew to 1B, heaven forbid Macke, and Arp to RF? No. But you'll see Arp randomly PH for Kennedy who is 3-3 on the night when we're up 12-1 on Toledo.

rockybuckeye said...
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rockybuckeye said...


4 seasons, 11 games. the streak is over.

Great job by Wolo. I know JB will follow him up, just get the bats going.

After all JB is the true Big Ten POY... has anyone heard from Recknagle??

rockybuckeye said...
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BaseballBucks33 said...

Great win today!
It has been a rough year but this win feels good. Hope JB is on fire sunday and we at least get a split.

I agree about Shuck hitting for himself, darn sure need his bat in the lineup. Why would BT send Macke up to Bunt? That one i don't unerstand at all.That was a big run at the time.Arp can bunt and could stay at DH. Gus was big today and JB had 2 more hits and a SB.

Go Bucks!

BuckeyeFan16 said...

I like your lineup Rockybuckeye, however, I would give Burkhart the day off with UM throwing a LHP. I think everyone is puzzled by Arp's lack of PT. He definitely has had a hot bat and deserves more PT. He could even DH. Michigan is a very, very good baseball team and their pitching has been excellent. Give the Buckeyes credit for playing them tough!