Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eight League Games Remain

After losing three of four to league-leading Michigan this weekend in Ann Arbor, the Buckeyes find themselves tied for fourth with eight games remaining in Big Ten play. Ohio State plays host to Illinois next weekend after a Wednesday date vs. Marshall. The following week, the Buckeyes head to Iowa (Thursday through Sunday) after the final regular-season home game against Buffalo on Tuesday (CPS Day at 12:05 p.m.).

Illinois is 13-10 and is in third place in the standings while Iowa is 8-16, which is tied with Minnesota for ninth.

Big Ten Standings (through Sunday)
1. Michigan 20-4
2. Purdue 17-6
3. Illinois 13-10
T4. Ohio State 11-12
T4. Northwestern 11-12
6. Penn State 11-13
7. Michigan State 10-13
8. Indiana 8-15
T9. Iowa 8-16
T9. Minnesota 8-16

The Buckeyes have a losing record in Big Ten play and are just three games over .500 with 10 games remaining. Todd's Ohio State teams have never had a losing overall record and have won at least 30 games every season.

Let's Go Bucks!


Guillermo said...

Todd....That Buffalo game is on Tuesday 5/13 @ 12:05. I think that is the annual game where all the public school kids are there.

Todd Lamb said...

Thanks for the clarification. I forgot about that deviation from the normal schedule. Also, the Iowa series begins Thursday and concludes Saturday.

rockybuckeye said...

We'll make the tourney, with a 2 game lead over 7th place MSU, they would have to make up 3 games to jump us, we hold the tiebreaker with the 2-1 series victory, assuming no further games are lost to the weather. I dont think we want to be in a position to have it come to percentage points.

I don't even know what to expect for the remainder of the season at this point, really anything from 8-0 to close out to 2-6 wouldn't surprise me. Granted Purdue and Michigan are 1/2 for a reason, but the way the team performed at NW, and at MSU wasn't overwhelming and reason to be too confident, the Minny series has been our best, and well we see where they are.

Abrazzi said...

Michael Arp:
Overall: 24 for 59 (.407)
Big Ten: 14 for 29 (.483)

We could have used Arp's 2 hits from Sunday on Friday or Saturday.

Big Ten Run line-up for the remainder of season:

LF Kennedy
DH Shuck
RF Arp
1st Miller
CF Hurley
3rd Delucia
2nd Kovanda
SS Rupert
C Burkhart