Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Write Ray Stein (Dispatch sports editor)

Nice writeup today in the Dispatch previewing the home opener. Haha! Okay, there wasn't one, at least not online. It is a shame sports editor Ray Stein isn't a college baseball fan. This will be the first of many posts regarding his lack of coverage for Ohio State baseball. I was mildly critical of him when I was at Ohio State, but now I can turn it up a notch since I'm not directly affiliated with the university. Mark Znidar does a great job as the beat writer for Ohio State baseball, but he only covers the team during the home portion of the Big Ten schedule. The decisions on what sports to cover lies with Ray Stein ( and I encourage all Buckeye fans to email him in support for future coverage this season for Ohio State baseball, whether the team is at home or on the road and especially come postseason time if the Buckeyes aren't fortunate enough to host Big Ten or NCAA tournament games.

At least the team got a nice preview today on

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